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Sure Footing

Praise God that those who share on this active board are on sure footing. A Sure Foundation is needed in these last days. In these times we better know Who we serve.

I grew up in Brinsmeadism/The Awakening. I have witnessed many depart from the Truth and lose their way completely beginning in the early 1980s. Many are atheists or agnostics today. The minority who still have faith, have mixed Truth with what is currently popular. My family and I have been through a spiritual earthquake with many casualties. I want to believe that the Brinsmead movement was not all for nothing.

1) What do you see as important that Robert Brinsmead taught?

2) What did he get right?

3) What role did his teachings on prophecy play?

4) Where did he depart from accepted Seventh-day Adventist doctrine? Was he in error about anything?


6) What year did he depart from the Truth?

What can we do today to remain in Christ and His Truth?

Thank you.



I am a newbie. Came into the faith in the early 90s. 
so, I missed that movement. I however was warned of the teachings. 



Hi Shireen, let me try to answer your question indirectly.

I am a long-time Bible and SOP student.

By trade I am a self-employed software developer, and I do my spiritual study on my PC, and have accumulated lots of inspired information over the years on a wide variety of spiritual topics.  I also accumulate historical documents related to spiritual matters, and have a backup strategy in place so that I don't lose this material.

I have a lot of Brinsmead material on my PC, including many of his books.

But I'm no expert on his teachings.  Why not?

The reason why not is simply that I've found it much more useful to focus on what I know to be true, namely the Bible and SOP, rather than becoming an expert on what a human has taught.

A tangible illustration may be helpful.  Brinsmead put a lot of his focus in areas like the sanctuary doctrine and its relation to character perfection and original sin and so on.

If a person is interested in these areas, I would strongly recommend to them that they first become thoroughly familiar with what the Bible and SOP say on these topics.

In my case, since I'm a computer guy, I accumulate this type of material by means of constructing Bible verse lists on topics of interest, and likewise groups of SOP quotes on a given topic.

This approach has been a huge blessing to me, and I'm still deeply involved in it, after all these years.

If a person is not deeply grounded in what Inspiration says to us, then I would have to say that the person has a good chance of being led astray by what a human teaches, especially in tricky areas like the ones I mentioned.


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