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little time of trouble .... NOT YET

hello everyone....

I'm hearing many of our famous people saying that we are in the 'little time of trouble'.....  I'm here to tell you we are not in that time just yet... no yes, continue to watch and pray however.

First of all, the pandemic is very similar to 1918 corona virus over 100 years ago and it was world wide too and very deadly!  BUT it was not the 'little time of trouble',no it was a time of sorrows and the beginning of such.  Remember that God's timing is not our timing.

Second, if you look back to the late 1800s even THEY were not in the little time of trouble but had terrible weather storms and earthquakes and diseases and such.  It was just the beginning of sorrows.  

Third, things were winding down however when the Sunday Law was in Congress.  Now that's noteworthy.  We do not even have a bill like that even now.  But when it does happen, that is time to watch and pray more fervently.  

Fourth, when the Sunday Law passes and has done so in every country of the world, God says He will shake the whole earth!  THIS will be the beginning of the little time of trouble.   And this is not to mean it won't be terrible, it will be, but it will be a little time.  The 7 thunders come within this period of time and will end in the Loud Cry of the Third Angel's Message. (GC 1858)  

God's people will be sealed near the end of that time during the Loud Cry.  The Holy Sabbath is God's seal.  We can only keep it Holy by the Righteousness of Christ in us by the Holy Spirit.  


So what do we do now?  Keep yourselves healthy following the 8 laws of health (the 8 doctors) and consecrate our lives to God.  Submit to God.  Yield your life to God and don't look back. smile



I am very concerned that many are continuing to sound the alarm. Some are even time setting for this April. This is not the little time if trouble!!  People are getting so taken by this that when it really happens they will be skeptical. They will get tired of all the alarms going off and nothing happening. 

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