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Liberals persecuting Christians

This week there was a really instructive incident in Washington D.C. which every child of God should take note of, and draw lessons from.

A group of high school students from a Catholic school in Covington KY were in D.C. to support the March for Life (which drew over 100,000 people, but got less than one minute airtime on the major TV networks, yet the following Women's March which drew less than 10,000 people got over 19 minutes!) last week.  While they were standing on the steps to the Lincoln Memorial, they were near a group of so-called Black Hebrew Israelites.  The BHI people were very vulgar and abusive and calling out racist words towards the black teen in the school group, and towards the white teens too.  The teens never shouted anything vulgar or racist back, and basically just kept quiet, singing their school songs instead.  When the BHI people called them "faggots" and "crackers", suddenly a Native American man came up to the school kids banging his drum and singing/shouting something in a foreign language.  The teens shouted with him a bit, then kind of drew back, but one young man just stood in front of the NA man, smiling at him.

Well, this got on the national news, with the NA man (Nathan Phillips) saying that he had been disrespected by the white kids in the MAGA hats, and he was a Vietnam vet and this represented the worst of America.  Of course CNN and others showed some of the video, which seemed to support some of what he was saying about being surrounded etc.

However, many people were taking videos, even the BHI people - who had a roughly 2 hour video.  In it, it shows clearly that the Native American man just barged into the group of teens, started banging his drum and singing/shouting, and that the teens had said nothing to him, and that somebody in the Native American group even said all the whites should leave America and give it back to its rightful owners.

Then, a day later, it was found out that Nathan Philipps was never in Vietnam at all!

Now today I see that Nathan Philipps had tried earlier that same day to bang his drum and disrupt a church service, and has a felony record.  The teen who stood in front of him smiling said he was just standing there, and trying to show respect to the man banging his drum.

What has this got to do with God's remnant people?  Two things

1. The media can basically bring down anybody they want, by making them look bad, and then slinking away when the facts are presented that everything was a lie.  That's what happened in this case, with CNN, NPR and others who delighted in showing how awful Trump supporters are, just basically burying/ignoring the story after the facts came to light.  Of course by then, the damage had already been done.  What damage?

2. The hatred manifested towards this group of teens was incredible to see.  I was on Youtube and some political sites, and lots of people were calling for violence on them in the most vulgar terms, kicking them out of school, doxxing them, killing them, etc. etc.  It wasn't a reasoned hatred, it was just pure bloodlust against everything Trump stands for, which is America, family, Christians, truth, etc.  Actually, the fact that the teens were from a Christian school was just icing on the cake for this bloodthirsty crowd.

Folks, we are very near a French revolution type moment in America.  I don't know whether it will happen or not, but there are lots and lots and lots of people out there who are controlled by Satan, and will use the slightest pretense of a triggering event to unleash their fury.

They are the Progressive Left, not the Religious Right, which sadly, our SDA Church leaders have been banging the dead drum about for over 40 years now telling us that Pat Robertson etc. are going to "bring in the Sunday Law, so we must fight them".  Even more sadly, most of our SDA leaders are IN the Progressive Left, and support that mindset.  It will be a small thing for them to turn on their former brethren with intense hatred at the end.

Let's be aware of the times we live in, studying the prophecies, and keep our eyes on Jesus. 

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