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Human nature of Christ

This Sabbath I listened to a 2-part sermon by Pr. Mark Howard on the human nature of Christ.  It is an important topic, and he quoted from Ellen White where she wrote: "The human nature of Christ means everything to us".

Most Liberal SDAs don't believe overcoming sin is possible, so their opinion is of no consequence.

Most Conservative SDAs believe that since Jesus was born sinless, then we are born sinless too.  I remember when I was a child, that most Conservatives believed the opposite - that since we are born sinners, then Jesus was born a sinner too.  Both positions are in error.

Jesus was born that holy thing.  He was born 100% human AND 100% divine.  He never used his divinity to help himself.  He relied on his Father for overcoming sin, just as we do.  So some people say; "If he was born sinless, and we aren't, then he is not like us, and had an advantage over us".  Well, Adam was created sinless too.  And Adam had an advantage over Christ, in that Jesus took the genetic results of 4,000 years of sin on his body, whereas Adam's body had no imperfections at all!

Pr. Mark Howard shows nicely how it was much more difficult for Jesus to keep his humanity (in other words, to not use his divinity), as it is for us to rise above our humanity and take hold of the divine arm.

Both sermons are available on Audioverse.  To find them, do a search on "Mark Howard Human Nature of Christ Audioverse".

God bless you pastor as you guide many souls to truth at the Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism.

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