Post Info TOPIC: Evolutionists will turn to dust

Evolutionists will turn to dust

The other day I was thinking about what final outcomes are possible for believers of Evolution, depending on whether their worldview is correct or wrong, and for believers of Jesus, whether their worldview is correct or wrong.

I came up with this "Final Outcome Table" to make it clear in my mind what would happen to Evolution believers (Atheists) and Christian believer-doers.  Note that the following table applies to everyone, no matter what their belief system is:


1. If Evolution is false - Turn to dust forever              3. If Christianity is false - Turn to dust forever

2. If Evolution is true - Turn to dust forever               4. If Christianity is true - Eternal life in glory


When I thot of the potential outcomes, based on beliefs, it hit me again how ridiculous it is for anyone to believe in Evolution.  I mean, there are absolutely no long-lasting good outcomes possible! 

I call on all Evolutionists/Atheists to repent, and believe in your Creator who loves you so much, he even died on a cross to save you from your sins, resurrected, and is coming back soon to judge the world in righteousness.



makes perfect sense to me

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