Post Info TOPIC: Cashless Society New World Order Tools - opening up already
Ed Sutton

Cashless Society New World Order Tools - opening up already

Soon Churches & politics will mix without danger to their 501C3

Already this in India

Horns on a male Lamb are tiny nubs at birth but they do develop into horns with maturity into a Ram. 

The symbolism - the beast from the earth would gradually develop dragon like qualities and later speak dragon talk from it's civil / legal / religious system. 




Thanks for the interesting article, Ed.

My Indian friends said they were royally frustrated with the sudden announcement last November that their 500 and 1000 rupee notes would not be taken any more, but they said they could put them in their bank accounts, so they didn:t actually lose any money.  People without bank accounts were left up a creek.

This cashless society thing is much more worrying.  It is making things easier for people, so they will be willing to give up one of the greatest freedoms all over the world - the freedom to do what you want with your own money.  If everything is controlled and records are kept of everything you buy, your freedom has decreased dramatically.

Don:t know what this article has to do with your first statement about church and politics mixing tho....

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