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Message from Himalayan Hill

My Personal feeling If I am mistaken kindly forgive me or send your counseling. I agree to accept if I am out of track.

To Me Bible is Inspired Word of the Lord. (Bible is just the name of the Book but words written in it are really inspiring). All those who wrote Bible were inspired by the God and wrote according to the direction by the Holy Spirit. But Bible is translated into many different languages which give little addition and changes in languages which should not be done. For example in English -King James Version (KJV) is the Original Old Bible we believe but nowadays we find hundreds of Bible translated into English languages which does not tally and readers find difficult and misinterpreted as they share the words of the Lord.

Moreover, reading new version Bible which is misinterpreted again it is translated into other vernacular –regional local languages which makes more confusing. Thought Bible should be carefully and prayerfully translated into regional languages we understand Satan is making confusing working very hard not to let His people know the exact-original truth as instructed /desired by the Lord.

I have experience that many people read Bible but do not understand the core meaning of some particular verse and misinterpreted to their flocks. Oh! How sad those flock confidently believes their shepherd and clings to the words. This we find in developing countries where many are illiterate but still stand firm what they have listen/heard from their leaders. To whom to blame for the wrong belief? As I understand those Books written by E.G. White are inspired and we all should read it and can tally with the Holy Bible side by side. By reading the Sister E.G. White Book we can know clearly and understand as the person wearing spectacles and trying to see it clearly.

There are many SDA brethren lingering and just cling for the power, job-benefit in our remnant Church today compromising with the world. I am sad to see some are stronger in power worshiper than worshipping our true Lord who died and gave His dear precious life for us. Let us read the inspired book of Sister E.G. White (G.C / SOP / CG etc……. Let us give importance to White Books so that our life may change. Let us stand firm like Daniel and his 3 friends no matter what dangerous circumstances may come in our life definitely our Lord will be there to save us.

I am sorry to say that recently our SDA Church Members and School children’s mourn the death of POP John Paul in mark of his respect all the Christian group march behind huge photo of POP John Paul. I saw even our SDA marching and following behind those groups. In another incident our members were celebrating and singing with those group under the banner of Sunday Law Flag. I informed our conference President, who has done Doctorate in Religion but he retaliated that we should adjust with the world and society where we are staying. Oh! This made me so upset and tears roll from my eyes that when our Jesus gave His precious blood /life why to compromise again with the world. I am sorry that spreading the E.G. White Books gave me lot of obstacles and almost threw from the church membership/service. But I prayed to the Lord and He heard my prayer for making me strong and directing me in His path.

Let us prayerfully read Holy Bible along with E.G. White book on and on. More we read more we get inspired and new life in Christ.” The words in the bible are inspired. When Jesus was tempted to make bread out of rocks, He responded by saying man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that preceedeth from the mouth of God (Luke 4:4)”. Yes, my dear brother and sister let us stay firm until He comes and let us not comprise with the world with many false prophets /leaders taking our Mighty Father name and trying to confuse with the false teaching.

Thank you- Jesus loves you always- Maranatha.

Servant of the Lord in -Himalayan Hill- Kingdom.



My dear Brother;

I am a fellow Christian in Georgia, USA; keep up the good work and study any bible with Holy Spirit at your side.  All are translated by men.  KJV is no exception.  KJV is not the origional English bibile.  The origional was anathamatized by King James and a new offficial government publication was ordered in 1611.  The Puritins came to America to keep their origional bible which was forbidden in England.  The reason King James hated the bible that was then in existance was because it condemned the divine right of kings.  The origional English Bible was translated by John Knox and had reference that Kings did not like.  All peoplers who would not give up this bible were killed.



There is very little factually true in Abraham's post.  The first fully translated English Bible was by Wycliffe around 1380.  There were several other translations between that one and the 1611 King James Version.  The Puritans were not forbidden to read the Geneva Bible or whatever Bible they wished, as many churches had huge Bibles chained down to the pulpit for anyone to read.  King James feared the Lord, and tried the best he could it seems to choose translators who would translate the book faithfully so everyone could read it.  Yes, there are some web sites where people like to think they have found a truer, earlier version.  Fine, use it, but don't diss this version with unfactual statements.

Besides, none of this is really applicable to most of the world as they don't use English at all

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